Wine making

In the winery, we pay particular attention to the first few hours in making a wine. We regularly monitor its progress by tasting and gear subsequent practices accordingly. Vinification and maturing are carried out either in vats or in the barrel depending on the source of the grapes. Our reserve wines are also partly matured in barrels to increase their complexity.

When the time comes for blending, we therefore have a wide variety of wines to choose from, enabling us to make Champagnes of a consistent quality whilst also being able to set aside those that are highly original and particularly expressive. Once bottled, the magic of the sparkle emerges and the reward is Champagne!! But our work doesn’t stop there; laying down in the cellar for a long period enhances the potential of our wines. We then carry out the disgorging process, followed by a further few months in the cellar before labelling and packaging.