Our plot of own-rooted vines

This plot of vines has an unusual history that’s worth mentioning. It takes us back to the early 20th centyry and the damage caused by the phylloxera crisis following which the vineyards, including this particular plot, were gradually replanted with grafted stock. However, my father noticed that many plants died except those that had developed their own root system. On the basis of this observation, he decided, in 1973, to replant this entire plot with mass selection, non-grafted Pinot Noir, as it had originally been.

Over thirty years later, the vines are still alive and producing premium-quality grapes. Planted halfway up the hillside in sandy soil, this parcel had been spared the phylloxera disease. So we decided to make a specific champagne from, but only in truly great years. This champagne is a reflection of our estate and our vocation to bring out the flavours of the terroirs of Champagne.