Richard Juhlin: “Maillart may be considered as one one of Champagnes leading growers now and if he continues like this, the 5- stars soon will be a reality” (April 2019).

Jolivettes: N°1 of 100 best champagnes for 2021, category blanc de noirs. (12/2020)

Loges: 94/100 by Richard Juhlin. (12/2020) “there are also hints of papaya, aroma apples, blood grape, geranium and a chewable chalk. Wow!!!”

Mont Martin: 91/100 by RVF (12/2020)

Decanter (06/2017) : 95/100 for Brut Platine, “Outstanding” 

Wine enthusiast 2015: all the white are above 90 points